Writer Confessions

The writing process is certainly a process, but one the writer is only halfway in control of. There are certain things people just don’t tell you about being a writer, mostly because you’ll think you’re being fancifully duped. For instance…

  • Writing a villain character is like knowing your son is a mass-murderer, but still having twenty photo albums of every moment in his childhood and tearful memories of the time you sent him off to his first day of school.
  • Writing is emotionally exhausting because it requires you to experience the emotions of every character in the story.
  • I’ve orphaned characters before purely to avoid the introduction of any more characters.
  • Sometimes, even after having a character for four years, two spent in the writing, you may suddenly realize it is imperative you make a Germanic man into a North African woman.
  • Writing is like breathing for me. I’ll stop doing it one day, and at that point, I’ll be dead.
  • Your non-writing peers may be alarmed to hear you say any of these things aloud.

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