“Lost and Found” 2019

In a kingdom devastated by pirate attacks, two boys become unwilling stowaways on a Runeship belonging to the most vicious pirate on the Ream: Captain León Moreno, a young visionary genius with a penchant for illegal magic and foul play.

However, an omen divined by a Witch spares their lives, and years later, both men are commissioned by the queen to hunt down León Moreno once and for all, bound by the will of the goddesses and a treasonous secret.

“Lost and Found” takes place in Dúrev, a world governed by commonplace magic and widespread superstition. The story itself is set in several conflicting kingdoms, which are loose fantasy counterparts to Welsh/British/French Arthurian legend, Ireland, medieval Spain and the Iberian Moors, Portugal, Greece, and northern Africa. It is in total around 200,000 words, and incorporates thorough, complex, and comprehensive world-building.

Though primarily a fantasy story, the style draws heavily on magical realism, and adopts some additional elements of weird fiction into magical races, dark magic, and necromancy. It deconstructs redemption through others and straightforward morality, as well as inarguable truths. In order to highlight the theme of miscommunication and conflicting motives spawned from incomplete information, the narrative is also told in a chronologically linear style broken by short stories (“annexes”) which lend revealing detail unknown to most or all of the characters. These annexes are designed to be optional to the reader, but are occasionally referenced in-text.

Currently, “Lost and Found” is collected into a draft for editing, but I will post chapter previews, updates, character descriptions, and some additional description of the setting on the blog.

5 thoughts on ““Lost and Found” 2019

  1. It sounds like a very intriguing story…! And I am starting to draw connections between these two men… Perhaps yaoi? 😁
    The what may be ‘ same secret’? Treasures are so interesting…!
    It’s really a great beginning!

  2. Ha ha, not the main two, they’re just very grumpy friends! Their older “brothers” Xan and Lonan, though…
    This story is currently being edited, so I’m adding in a lot and taking out a lot, but it’s really special to me. The idea changed a LOT in the six years it took me to get around to writing it.

    1. Oh, thank you for letting me in your ride!
      Ah, many things do change over the years… My own world, Cygnet, changed from a “petty little cliched world with amusement parks” to a detailed place with own history, geography, religion, culture and mythical creatures.
      Maybe we should give our stories to turn themselves too…
      And good luck for your editting! 💞😃

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