Weird Worlds

Welcome to Phantasmagorium.

Here you can expect real, true confessions from the troubled writer, flash fiction for the peculiar, and prompts for the uninspired. You may also find humorously informal literature articles floating in the ether, or poetry if you are very brave.

Drafted extracts of my fantasy/magical realism writing can be spotted in the wild during April, July, and November. Visit me on Twitter if you’d like. It’s wonderful to have you along!

-Elyan White

(Be warned, traveler–all the content you see here is my own product, and all rights of use are mine. Anything I do not make to reserve for exclusive distribution will be marked explicitly otherwise.)

37 thoughts on “Weird Worlds

    1. We’ll have a great journey, then!
      “Phantasmagorium” is a word I made up, but it comes from the words “phantasm” and “phantasmagorical,” which refer to things that are dream-like or imaginary. So a phantasmagorium would be a collection of phantasms (and also just a really fun name, shhh).

  1. Let’s do our collaboration showcasing our two worlds: your Phantasmagorium and our Cygnet.
    We can talk about similarities and differences and interesting facts about the places πŸ™‚

    1. Oh, I love hearing about Cygnet! In my case, Phantasmagorium is my world for blogging but not really for writing, so I might use the world Lumis. It’s connected to many other worlds, including Earth, but it’s where my characters in “The Stars Went Out” live. Do you think that would be alright?

  2. A few ideas to start about:
    1. The meaning of your world. Why do you think it was given?
    2. How did your world start?
    3. What are the major communities?
    4. One line to describe your world?
    5. Your favourite place to tour in your world?
    6. Your favourite local legend there?
    7. Any unique creature there?

    1. Oh, these are very good! Did you have a format in mind for what kind of post we should make? For instance, answering lists of questions like these, describing short tours based on them, et cetera?

      1. Hmm. I’m not completely sure. I can think of a few different paths we might take. I could pose you questions in return, and we could each introduce our worlds that way, or we could discuss them here, and then pose each other a scenario to write a response to. Our characters could also visit each other and learn the answers themselves. Additionally, if you’ve ever used Google Docs, we could create a single file where we compile our questions and then each respond together.
        (I’m quite sorry, I’ve never attempted a collaboration before, and I’m afraid it shows.)

      2. Well same goes for me…
        My previous and only one was with a 10 yr old boy and not a proper Collab either… πŸ˜…
        I think your ideas are very good. Here is a rough plan:
        1. We introduce ourselves and our worlds
        2. We can share questions and answers about them (you may come up with your questions as well)
        3. Then we can choose a character who would visit the other world
        4. And then they make discoveries…
        I am so sorry but I haven’t used Google Docs earlier but this place is certainly a very good place for discussion…

      3. I think this could work very well! (Talking here works just fine; I didn’t mean to pressure you!)
        It sounds to me like we make two posts: first the questions explaining the lore of our worlds, and then a second one for our characters showing each other something new. We could possibly have the character we introduce themselves briefly at the end of our first posts, too, so that in the second post we’ll know who we’re showing around.
        Is that what you had in mind?

      4. This will be fantastic! A few questions I wanted to add were:
        8. A great mystery of your world?
        9. The most dangerous place there?
        10. Are there many different religions there?
        I’ll start working on the first post tonight, and probably publish it once tomorrow gets here for me. I’m so glad to be allowed into Cygnet with you for a while–thank you for inviting me! I think we’ll create something wonderful.

      5. Would you go to sleep now? If yes, when would you approximately come back? I would be prepared by then πŸ™‚ Completing my homeworks and such… After all, you don’t get such a chance daily. πŸ˜€
        I am really excited about this collab! My favourite event in the whole journey πŸ™‚

      6. Ha ha, I probably will, it’s about 3:00 in the morning here (severe night owl, whoops). I’ll probably be up by 9:00 to attend to Phantasmagorium, so I’ll put the answers up around then. I admit I’ve already started–I like them quite a lot!
        Good night from me, I suppose. May your homework not defeat you. I’m certainly looking forward to your answers!

      7. Well, I have a question. Would we do two separate posts? And then reblog the alternate one?
        I mean, we both can make the first post separately and then reblog it, and then the second post, and reblog it too…

    2. Alright, I’m a little nervous, but I think everything is in order. It was incredibly fun to make! I’ve called it “The Adventurer’s Guide: Lumis.” What do you think? I can post at any time.

      1. Certainly! I chose my character Arsemia because she usually has the most to say, she introduces herself at the end. Here goes–I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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